Scottish EDGE Round 9: Higgs EDGE Winners!

Last week, in our penultimate Scottish EDGE Round Nine final, two innovative Scottish start-up businesses won the competition’s award for science, technology and engineering-focused businesses – Higgs EDGE. From a shortlisted group of four high-standard finalists, Exnics and RD Support were selected as winners, each of whom pitched to a panel of industry expert judges in an attempt to win Scottish EDGE’s top prizes of £150,000 and £100,000. The companies will find out who is the lucky winner of our top award at the Scottish EDGE Round Nine final on December 15th, 2016.

Higgs EDGE was first introduced to Scottish EDGE during round seven of the competition. This special award is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a company that has applied leading edge technology to an innovative product, or product under development in the Science, Technology or Engineering sector, which has the potential to be world leading and could be commercialised on a global scale. The two companies who were unsuccessful in pitching for Higgs EDGE will now pitch at the Scottish EDGE final for the chance to secure funding of up to £100,000.

Announcing the Higgs EDGE winners, Evelyn McDonald, CEO of Scottish EDGE, said; “Scotland is one of the biggest UK hubs for tech startups outside of London. Higgs EDGE enables us to support the Scottish Science, Technology and Engineering scene by offering its best entrepreneurs essential funding and business support. We’re delighted to announce Exnics and RD Support as our Round Nine Higgs EDGE winners. The panel of expert judges were unanimous in their opinion that both businesses displayed truly groundbreaking innovation, and have the ability to be hugely successful on the global stage. We look forward to supporting their progression and feel privileged to be playing a part in their journey.”

Scottish EDGE Round Nine Higgs EDGE Winners:

  • Exnics is a subsea technology company determined to solve big problems with simple new product solutions. Exnics develops technologies and products which reduce costs whilst increasing performance, and currently have two products in development that will significantly improve the financial feasibility of projects in the North Sea.
  • RD Support is a global supplier of bespoke medical device design and development. Over the last two years, RD Support has invested significantly into the development of a graphene layer manufacture process that is easy, cheap and fast. This, the company believes, is the world’s first Design For Manufacture (DFM) graphene layer manufacture process. Graphene is a material with truly transformational possibilities. Opportunities for graphene enhanced products range from stronger and lighter materials for planes, faster and more powerful super-capacitors and batteries for consumer electronics and transport and novel sensors and bio-sensors with so far unachieved sensitivity and specificity.